Thursday, January 31, 2013

Late night thoughts...

I remember when I was very young I tried so hard to please everybody. Whether I knew them well or not. I wanted to be helpful, kind, and liked. I remember having to deal with and avoiding the snobby teenage girls through grade school and most of high school. Thankfully I found people with so much goodness in their hearts, like me. I tried to be friends with anyone and everyone, but was turned down by many. People with too much pride. Now that I am older, almost done with college, and about to move out of state, I realize that I can still be that friendly face and helping hand whenever someone is in need and I hope to raise my children that way. I can tell my parents they were successful... I was taught right from wrong, good from bad, and to be kind to everyone. I have had my crude moments but I am only human. Those people's loss for not believing that I could be that good friend and honest person who is very trustworthy. No, I am not higher than anyone, I just have a big heart with a lot to give.

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